Mediascet a tool to control your attention

Every hour, technologies and the Internet – applications, social networking, news – are stealing our attention. Something is always up online and we switch easily. We replace a chance of taking a break by online fuss, a chance of thinking by others’ ideas. We hop from one tab to another, knowing no peace.

Why mediascet works

Mediascet is an internet-free space. It is an ambivalent state – you are online, but at the same time there is no Internet, no information streams in front of you. There’s nothing to capture your attention and you go offline. All your attention is yours.

How to use the site

Behind the blank screen, time is ticking – this is a bridge between the online and offline.

One click — the timer stops and becomes visible, another click — it starts and disappears.

Save mediascet to your Favorites or set it as a home page and use it now and then when you need time to think of focus.

Hint: F11 key expands the browser window to full screen.

What to do during this time – think, plan, listen to music, draw, socialize, meditate, rest, pray – is up to you

Go to the website:

How does Mediascet work

The only thing people can control is their attention. Every hour, technologies and the Internet – applications, social networking, news – are stealing our attention. Something is always up online and we switch easily. Instead of taking a break, we are immersing ourselves in the online fuss, ideas of other people. We hop from one tab to another, knowing no peace.

Mediascet makes it possible to go offline without closing the browser?

Effect explained by mediapshychologists

Mediascet website fools our perception. Its effect is based on the features of human psychology. In Mediascet website we are in an ambivalent state. Simultaneously, we are online, but we don’t see the Internet.

Perception and habit are satisfied – we are online, but at the same time there is nothing our perception can be distracted with. We can breathe out and have a break: take 5 minutes off, meditate, leave the Internet mentally and physically.

Mediascet is a bridge between online and physical life.


Visiting the website can become a pleasant and useful everyday exercise. As soon as you enter the website, an invisible timer starts working. Realize that this timer connects you to the reality, to your breathing. Don’t think about the time. Just take a break from the information streams. Let go of your thoughts that something is happening online.

Look, you are online, and it’s quiet here. Meditate, switch your attention to your breathing if you need to. You can leave the computer. Realize that the time of your presence in reality is counting. You can think about your plans in front of the screen without distractions – no friends’ page, no ads, no bookmarks. This is your free time in offline mode.

How can you use mediascet

1. Take a break. What you do during a break – think, plan, listen to music, draw, talk to people, work out, meditate, have a rest, pray – is something everyone decides for themselves.

2. As an attention concentrator – you can think in front of an empty screen, nothing distracts you here.

You don’t need mediascet for all of this. Not only the website itself, but your memory of it may help you to act more conscientiously online. When an unconscious desire or a habit push you to go online, think of mediascet, stop and make your own choice.

Resource breaks

It is known that controlled switching between tasks can make you more productive. With limited rotation of different tasks (e.g. work and breaks) you become more productive, you get time to rest, recharge mentally or physically. Resource minutes that we spend relaxing are important to restore energy and productivity.

Research about world-class tennis players showed that the best players used the time between servings to restore their strength and relax, while the lower-level players didn’t rest at all.

In the age of information overload and intensive pressure at work, when we are constantly distracted by the technologies, this becomes more and more relevant.

Thinking and creating assistance

Internet medium becomes denser and denser. Sometimes we feel a need for a space that is free from information. For instance, Einstein, discussing a scientific problem with a colleague, would sometimes take a couple of steps away from him and say in his German accent: “I will think a little”.

Mediascet can be both a tool to create this space and a reminder of how important this space is.

Mediascet philosophy

Mediascet is a space with no information. Here the information does not steal the person from themselves, this is a space where a person can be alone with themselves and their thoughts.

David Fincher’s “The Social Network” shows an archetypal scene: a lonely person looking at the laptop screen and refreshing the page.

In the modern world there is no clear divide between online and offline. The Internet infiltrated our life and sometimes it steals us and our thoughts. Mediascet becomes a symbol of how important it is to be free from information streams and go deeper into your thoughts and feelings.


What is mediasceticism

Mediasceticism is a way of life that includes understanding how electronic communications work and using them conscientiously.

Mediasceticism is an exercise. An ascetic is an athlete. A person who trains willpower, conscience and body by self-limitation and self-denial.

The goal of mediasceticism is to train oneself to conscientiously exist in the world of modern technologies and media. One will have to face self-denial in this path, but it is the only way to open new possibilities.

Mediasceticism is an idea, a community of people around the world, medianalitics and mediapsychologists, unified by a single goal – to make the mediaspace more comfortable for the man, create understanding and techniques that will help a more effective existence in the new world.

Mediasceticism stands on two mainstays

  1. The first one is understanding. It is the research of how technologies influence people, principles of the web’s effect on the society and the individual. It continues the work of Marshall McLuhan, Douglas Rushkoff, and many other medianalitics.
  2. On the other hand, it is the answer to the question: how the experience of ascetics can help a modern person to use technologies? There is more and more information, attention is the new currency, and ascetic traditions were always based on skills of attention concentration and meditation.

In any case, the mediascet website can become an experiment of a kind. Our goal is to give everyone an opportunity to analyze their relationship with digital technology.


Concept: Dmitry Solovjev
Software: Yegor Ivankin